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Our Central Support Services




The Trust's Admissions Officer oversees the admissions process across all academies and provides support, including:

  • Management of the process to consult, agree, and publish each academy’s Admissions Policy in line with statutory regulations
  • Maintenance of the academy’s waiting lists and allocation of places where spaces are available
  • Communication with prospective parents
  • Provision of the application process for parents to register for admission to the academy
  • Organisation of any required admissions appeals




The Trust’s Attendance Officer works with all academies ensuring that attendance issues are dealt with appropriately, processes and procedures are compliant and any cases that need multiple agency input or proceed to court are dealt with correctly. 


The Attendance Officer provides support, including:

  • Identification with designated academy staff of any concerning trends in overall absence patterns and develops strategies to address these issues
  • Enforcement of attendance legislation where necessary
  • Management of formal attendance meetings and ensuring that minutes and relevant correspondence are circulated.


Curriculum Support (Maths)


At Cirrus Primary Academy Trust, our aim is to provide children with a broad, varied and engaging range of activities to stimulate their mathematical thinking.  We strive for the highest standards in teaching and learning so that each child can develop a love of mathematics and lasting confidence to fulfill their mathematical potential that can support them in their future. We believe that all children can gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and therefore we aim to encourage them all to develop a growth mind-set by taking risks, asking questions and rising to challenges.


As an accredited professional development lead and mastery specialist teacher (NCETM) the Director of Maths' role is to work closely with each of the schools within the trust to continue developing the quality of teaching and learning and help embed the key teaching for mastery pedagogical approaches that is so influential in ensuring sustained mathematical understanding for our pupils.

Data Protection


The recent legislative change in data protection (GDPR) has meant significant changes in data protection requirements.  The Trust has its own in-house qualified Data Protection Officer.


The DPO provides support, including:

  • Organisation of regular online training for all staff to keep them up to date with data protection requirements
  • Regular audits of academies for compliance
  • Review of Trust policies to ensure that they are compliant with legislation
  • Maintenance of the record of all data breaches, reporting to ICO where appropriate
  • Co-ordination of the response to both Subject Access Requests (SAR) and Freedom of Information (FOI) requests




A dedicated Clerk to the Trust ensures compliance and consistency of reporting and Governor training and expectation. The Trust also employs a bank of clerks who minute Local Governing Board and other meetings as necessary.  


The Clerk provides support, including:

  • Management of papers for meetings of the local governing board (LGB)
  • Management of the record of LGB membership, attendance and terms of office, reporting to LGB as required
  • Administration and organisation of specialist panels of governors for appeals, disciplinaries, exclusions, sensitive meetings (SEN case meetings or meetings with parents and admissions
  • Recruitment of new Governors



The Trust provides strategic and operational HR advice and guidance. Employing a dedicated person in this role allows that individual to understand fully the Trust and the academy’s vision and needs. The Trust also produces all contracts and offer letters to all employees.


The Trust provides a group-wide recruitment strategy and buys recruitment packages with leading educational recruitment agencies/websites. It places all Trust roles on these and its own website.


The HR manager provides HR advice and support for academies, including:

  • Recruitment and performance management of Principals, setting ambitious targets
  • Management of appeals, complaints, grievances or serious allegations against staff
  • Regular monitoring of the single central record for compliance including spot checks
  • Support for critical incidents


Operations support


The Trust Operations Officer (TOO) acts across academies in the Trust, covering many non-academic areas such as premises, contract management and academy co-ordination.


The TOO provides operational support for academies and the Trust, including:

  • Management of the Trust’s Estate and its facilities
  • Delivery of the strategic Trust-wide Estates plan
  • Acting as the Trust’s Health & Safety lead, developing, delivering, and driving forward a tailored Health & Safety management system ensuring the Trust operates in line with current relevant statutory and regularity requirements
  • Management of Trust central procurement contracts
  • Management of Trust capital works program
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