The Trust Mission

The core purpose of the Trust is to develop the very best organisations to ensure that children do exceptionally well and are prepared for the future. We will build our community of up to six schools*, who will use each other as a resource to:

  • Develop teaching
  • Create opportunities for leadership and develop the best leaders
  • Develop the curriculum

The Trust provides a tiered level of service tailored to the needs of each school, recognising where each school is on its journey to outstanding and beyond.

At the heart of the Trust is the Teaching School and the resources that it brings. The teaching school works with individual schools at the level required for each school, using the resources of both the teaching school and the other schools within the Trust.

By using the teaching school’s experiences, expertise from outside the Trust and the many strengths within the academies, we will create a strong, self-improving organisation.

* The terms school and academy are used in this document to mean the educational establishment joining the Trust. Some schools may wish to retain their title of school, and others may be known as an academy.