Support from the Trust

During the first year changes were made to the structure of leadership within the Trust to ensure that the Trust has capacity to grow and to provide support to schools following changes within the Local Authority and to Government policy. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Trust is the Executive Head Teacher and is employed at Trust level and not within one of the academies, and the Trust has a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and three Primary Advisers (maths, English and general).

The Trust also has capacity to support schools through its Specialist Leaders of Education from Sutton Primary Teaching School Alliance. 17 SLEs may be deployed by the Trust (see

As the Trust grows, further leadership opportunities will be created to ensure that there is always capacity within the Trust.

Most of the planned support for schools when the Trust is fully established will be available from the outset, as it is already provided by the teaching school and its partners. When a school joins the Trust, it will add to the available skills within the Trust, which will include ‘Associate Leaders’ from within some schools. Where a specific need cannot be met from within the Trust, practitioners that meet our standards will be commissioned externally. Quality assurance of all services provided to schools within the Trust will be a critical aspect of the Trust’s work.

Each Local Governing Board will want to ensure that the Trust is monitoring schools effectively and reporting back to both the LGB and the Trust Board. Using either Associate Leaders, or the Trusts Executive Head Teacher, schools will engage in a half-termly analysis of data, to ensure that appropriate support is available from the Trust. Financial monitoring, etc. will also be carried out regularly, and reported to the LGB and Trust Board.

The Executive Head Teacher is accountable to the Trust for the standardsAvenue00048 in the schools. He/she will support the appraisal process of each Head Teacher/Head of School, which will continue to be led by the Local Governing Board’s Head Teacher Review Panel. The Executive Head Teacher’s performance is managed by the Trust Board, supported by an external reviewer.

The Trust will hold conferences for staff and for leaders, and some of these will be strategic conferences for the Trust.

Each school will be involved in an annual review, which will be from an external source to provide further challenge and assurance.