Responsibility and Accountability

Our Trust was formed under the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) model. It is our belief that the levels of responsibility and accountability must be robust enough to guarantee effective school improvement in a timeline that takes account of a child’s life chances. The MAT model is more likely to achieve this than umbrella or loose affiliations. Research from the National College clearly shows that school to school support improves outcomes in both the receiving and provider schools, and our model is based on this.

Accountability for the educational outcomes in all schools within the Cirrus Primary Academy Trust rests with the Trust. The Trust is directly accountable to the Secretary of State for the education of all children within the Trust. In order to fulfil this, the Trust devolves responsibility almost entirely to Good and Outstanding schools that demonstrate capacity to embrace school improvement and increase educational outcomes for children. Responsibilities are retained centrally in schools in need of intensive support.

Schools will hold the Trust accountable for the work it does and the support it provides, and in the areas in which it will focus:

  • Developing teaching
  • Creating opportunities for leadership and developing the best leaders
  • Developing the curriculum

Schools will hold the Trust to account that, as a result of joining the Cirrus Primary Academy Trust, the outcomes for children will improve.