Joining the Trust

Making this major strategic decision for a school will not be easy, and it is important that governing boards and leaders in schools consider all possible options before taking a decision. The Executive Head Teacher of the Trust will work with a school to explore whether joining the Cirrus Primary Academy Trust is right for both that school and for the Trust.

If the decision, following an appropriate consultation process, is taken to join the Trust, we will take the school through the conversion process. Upon joining the Trust, there will be an induction process for staff and governors in which we will set out the expectations we have around professional behaviours, how the Trust and the school will interact, and how to resolve any conflicts.

As the Trust develops, its support packages will also develop, and leaders will want to be part of that. The support given to schools and to individual leaders will be, in most cases, far greater than experienced as a maintained school, and will be very different.

As Multi-Academy Trusts develop throughout the country, it is likely that we will see movement of schools and academies between different trusts. Our Trust Board has decided that if one of its academies wishes to leave Cirrus Primary Academy Trust or the Trust wishes to consider a move, negotiations should take place prior to a decision made by December in any year, to leave at the end of the following August.

The Cirrus Primary Academy Trust was established by Avenue Primary Academy, but it is important to note that the Trust is not run by Avenue. Avenue is a member school within the Trust.